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Throughout the year, AZA and BBG will be running various campaigns that any member can participate in. From service opportunities to recruitment to fundraising and more, we'll have plenty for you to keep busy. Check back on this page as new opportunities get posted.

Current Campaigns

Together Toward Tomorrow

Recruiting new brothers and sisters into our Movement this fall has some big perks. Track your progress, be celebrated, and win big.

Let's Move

CLTC 50 In 50

We’re on a mission to recruit 50 Alephs and B'nai Brith Girls in the next 50 days for CLTC—and we need your help. Let's go big for summer 2019.

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Movement Building

We launched a number of tools you can use at your upcoming trainings. From formal leadership training to branding to Jewish enrichment, it's all here for the year.

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BBG Legacy Hub

Our Sisterhood has stood strong for 75 years. This year, let's show our pride for the B'nai B'rith Girls and reconnect with the generations of alumnae who built this platform.

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Safe Schools

We expect our nation’s leaders to take every action to ensure schools, and all community spaces where young people gather, are free from danger. Let's build a safer world for all.

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Genocide Education

Advocate for, support, and endorse Holocaust and genocide education legislation on state and local levels. Email us to take action.

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Global Inductions

Join us as chapters around the world will hold induction ceremonies to officially welcome Alephs-In-Training (AITs) and Members-In-Training (MITs) into AZA and BBG.

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Past Campaigns

Spread the Light

As we celebrate the festival of lights, join us in raising money for the International Service Fund (ISF) through local fundraising and an I-Board latke eating competition!

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California Response

In times of disaster, it's our obligation to help those impacted. Our hearts are with our friends and family across California impacted by the wildfires. Let's rebuild, together.

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Get Out the Vote

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AZA & BBG Fall Rush

Earn your way to International Convention 2019

The 94th Grand Board and 74th International Board want to partner with you—the hard-working, committed members of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and B’nai B’rith Girls—to amplify how we’re changing the game across the board. If you invest in the Movement, the Movement invests in you. We’re making it possible to support those Alephs and BBGs that are working hard to share AZA and BBG with thousands of other Jewish teens to deepen their own Jewish journeys with BBYO. You can earn scholarship toward IC when you recruit members to AZA and BBG! View all opportunities to participate below. This registration link may come in handy.

There is a maximum amount of funds available for this campaign—these opportunities will remain available until all funds are used. Please note that all balances for BBYO International Convention 2019 must be paid in full according to the payment timeline. Scholarship earned will be credited back to accounts on Friday, February 1st, 2019.

The top three communities with the highest proportional growth rate between October 1 and January 1 will receive a prime viewing location for one of our epic plenary moments at BBYO International Convention 2019! Check Twitter (
@BBGMITMom and @AZAMoreh) and the Morim Network Page for shoutouts and progress.

It's Our Turn to Grow

Recruit 1 Aleph or BBG

For every Jewish teen in 9th - 12th grade you recruit between October 1 and January 1, you can earn $25 towards BBYO International Convention in Denver! Once your prospective teen registers for membership, please fill out this form.

We’ll use this information to check their registration on myBBYO to make sure it was you who recruited them. Oh, and there’s no limit to how many teens you can recruit for this offer!

It's Our Turn to Celebrate

Recruit 6 Alephs or BBGs

If you recruit six new members between October 1 and January 1, apply for the Eternal Light Recruitment Award or the Tree of Life Recruitment Award to be eligible for the award and receive $150 BBYO Bucks to use toward International Convention 2019.

Additionally, you’ll receive a special edition pin at IC, access to our exclusive Gamechangers Club, and your name plastered around the halls of convention. Not too bad, right?

*This campaign is intended to support recruitment of 9th - 12th graders to AZA or BBG. Recruited 8th graders count for your award application, but not for BBYO Bucks.

It's Our Turn to Build

Start a New Chapter

If you are one of two core founding members for a chapter between October 1 and January 1, fill out this notification form. In addition to giving us the opportunity to celebrate you like crazy, you’ll be eligible for $360 off of BBYO’s International Convention 2019!

Starting a new chapter means that you’ve applied for and received either a Temporary Charter or a Permanent Charter. All teens who are newly inducted members of the AZA & BBG Founders Society* will receive exclusive opportunities at #AZABBGIC2019 like meet and greets, lounge access, elevator passes, and more!

The fastest way to grow our Movement and the most enduring way to build a legacy is to start new chapters. Any teen who is a founding member of a new chapter in BBYO is inducted into the AZA & BBG Founders Society*.

*The AZA & BBG Founders Society was re-established at August Execs 2018. The Founders Society connects and celebrates founding members of chapters across the Movement.