We're a Member-Led Movement.
Your Priorities are our Priorities.

Over the decades, AZA and BBG have taken on new causes, social challenges, and initiatives. All of this work at every level is guided by our Movement's priorities. These priorities and operating principles are a reflection of our shared values and represent the interests and passions of Alephs and BBGs worldwide. 

Grow Our Movement

The power of the BBYO International Order comes from each Aleph and B’nai B’rith Girl. Strengthening the Jewish People and making the world a better place starts with us.

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Strengthen Program Excellence

BBYO’s programming incorporates the Five Folds of AZA and the Six Folds of BBG—including social action, education and Judaism—to ensure high-quality content.

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This grassroots service, advocacy and philanthropy campaign helps us give back to our local and global communities—anytime, anywhere.

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Explore Israel

BBYO is our home, and Israel is our Homeland. Throughout the year, we learn Israeli history, culture, various advocacy organizations, and ways to support the Jewish Homeland.

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Go Global

When we connect with each other, we’re able to cross borders and cultures to form lasting bonds and unite the global Jewish community.

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Jewish Enrichment

The Jewish people teach l’dor v’dor, the importance of passing values, tradition, and ritual from generation to generation; just as we do here in AZA and BBG.

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Ritual & Tradition

Our history is long and storied, and through our rituals and traditions we stand on the shoulders of the Alephs and BBGs who came before us. Their vision and comittment to our future allow us to stand taller today.

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Governance & Democracy

AZA and BBG have always been a democracy. From open elections, the legislative process, and an inclusive leadership model, we want every member to be prepared to lead in their own way.

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