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Meet your International Counterparts:

Ben Cohen, 96th Grand Aleph Godol
Maya Zucker, 76th Anita M. Perlman International N'siah

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When we work as a united team, anything is possible. Let's go.

When we need to mobilize our Movement, we'll be looking to all of you. Whether we are recruiting for summer programs, raising money for the International Service Fund (ISF), standing up for the change we wish to see in this world, or anything else, we'll be in it together and will need your help. Yes, you! AZA and BBG are best when we're fired up and ready to move.

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Our Priorities

We're taking a year off before college to strengthen BBYO around the world. Here's what we're focused on for the Movement this year.

Increase AZA Engagement

Since our founding 95 years ago AZA has been the Jewish fraternity providing a safe home to Jewish young men, and this year we’re seeking new ways to engage more Alephs

Increase Brand Awareness

This year, we’ll be meeting with philanthropists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and community leaders around the world to increase the visibility and opportunities our Movement provides.

Celebrate AZA and BBG's Anniversaries

In celebrating 75 years of BBG and 95 years of AZA, we will be strengthening the rituals and traditions we practice to embrace a renewed sense of brotherhood and sisterhood worldwide.

Foster and Develop BBYO Communities

Throughout our travels, we’re looking forward to strengthening our existing BBYO communities and finding new places where BBYO can make an impact on Jewish teens worldwide.

We want to visit your community!

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Presidential Picks: Top Tools

From leading a meeting to evaluating the health of chapters to supporting your team, we want to ensure you're ready for it all. Below are our seasonal picks to kick off the year. Of course, this is just the start, for lots more explore the toolbox. If you're looking to really deepen your skills as a Godol or N'siah, explore the Ritual and Operations priority hubs.


Even if you think you know everything, a quick refresh won't hurt.

Action Planning Steps

Action planning is a process that focuses your ideas and determines what steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Review the steps of action planning to see what should happen after you set a goal with your board.


Amendment Form

This form allows any member to easily participate in a business meeting by submitting amendments (requested changes) to a piece of legislation. Print copies of this form before any business meeting.


BBYO Code of Conduct

The BBYO Code of Conduct is designed with the health, safety and well-being of teens, staff, advisors and participants in mind. By being a member of AZA and BBG, you have committed to abiding by the rules of the Code of Conduct.


Chairpeople and Committees

Chairs and committees are excellent ways to spread leadership roles in your community. Learn about the different kinds of opportunities you can create for members.


Chapter Board Position Descriptions

Understand the specific responsibilities of our commonly elected positions in AZA and BBG.


Chapter Start Up Guide

Splitting a chapter? Launching a new community for BBYO? This guide is about the be your new best friend.


Election Protocols

There's a lot that goes into running an election. From nominations to to slide downs to caucuses—here's your guide to how we do it in AZA and BBG.


Elections Script

BBYO elections are run using parliamentary procedure. Have a copy of this script on hand anytime you run elections.


Good and Welfare Guidelines

Learn how to build brotherhood or sisterhood in your chapter and create a culture of praise and celebration by facilitating Good and Welfare sessions at the end of meetings and programs.


Hosting a Community States Ceremony

Use this script when putting together your States Ceremony at any level of AZA and BBG. A States Ceremony is an opportunity for the Godol and/or N'siah to share wins and visions for the future about their community.


How to Write a Motion

Writing legislation and passing motions and resolutions are a powerful tool that Alephs and BBGs have to call for and chart plans to enact change in their local and BBYO communities, celebrate achievements, and share best practices and visions. Learn how you can write a motion.


Installations Ceremonies

Officially welcome your new AZA or BBG board with the Installations Ceremony.


Opening and Closing Rituals

In all business meetings, the Godol or N'siah (or chair) will lead the community in opening or closing rituals. These rituals have been recited at every business meeting since the beginning of our Orders. These rituals are at the front of any Red or Blue Book, but utilize these if you need to print off extra copies.

AZA Opening RitualsBBG Opening RitualsBBYO Opening RitualsAZA Closing RitualsBBG Closing RitualsBBYO Closing Rituals

Sample Meeting Agenda

Check that your business meeting agenda is ready to go by referencing this document. If you don't know where to start with your agenda, this is a great place.


Scale of Motion Disruptiveness

Our Order is a democratic one. We're member-led and practice "parli-pro." And while we don't always agree, there is a way to dissent with order and respect to our brothers and sisters, and the process.


SMART Goal Setting Template

We set goals all the time in AZA and BBG about membership, programming, fundraising, and more. If you're setting goals, be sure they're SMART ones.


Spirit of AZA and BBG

Learn the lyrics to AZA and BBG's pep songs for leading at meetings and conventions. The songs can also be found in the Red and Blue Books.

Spirt of AZASpirt of BBG

The History and Herstory

AZA and BBG have a rich history. It's important that our new members are educated about where our Orders have been and how we have impacted the world. Current Alephs and BBGs should feel a part of this story.

History of AZAHerstory of BBG

The Role of Chapter Executive Boards

The Executive “Exec” Board is made up of all elected chapter officers, committees, and chairpeople. Its job is ensure the chapter is healthy and operating at full capacity. Learn more about how the board works.


Tips for Running a Successful Meeting

Learn the basic dos and don'ts of running meetings.


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