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Vice Presidents of Programming
AZA: S'gan | BBG: S'ganit

Meet your International Counterparts:

Jared Wilen, 96th Grand Aleph S'gan
Abbie Johnson, 76th International S'ganit

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Ready to be a programming champ? You're in the right place.

We're beyond excited to work with with you this year to take BBYO's programming to the next level. Our job, all of us, is to bring the best programs possible to our chapters and communities. We're going to do our part by bringing you all the resources you'll need to be a successful programmer. There's a lot to learn, and a lot to do, but if you can't find what you're looking for, connect with us!

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Our Priorities

We're working to strengthen programming across the Movement. Here's what we're focusing on during our term.

International Convention 2021

We want to provide teens with countless, once in a lifetime “WOW” moments while assisting them in finding their Jewish selves and place in the Movement at IC 2021.

AZA & BBG Founders' Day

We’ll go big in recognizing our rich history by celebrating April 22nd (BBG Founders' Day) and May 3rd (AZA Founders' Day) with community, fun, and tradition.

Elevate Chapter Programming

We’ll work to heighten events that range from family Shabbat dinners to brotherhood/sisterhood nights into elevated experiences that will attract any Jewish teen.

Strengthen Regional Conventions

We’ll be working with our networks on building convention experiences with high-quality programming, operations, and leadership opportunities.

S'ganim Selects: Top Tools

We're all about program excellence, and we've got the tools to achieve it together. Below are our seasonal picks to kick off the year. Of course, this is just the start. Explore the toolbox for more. If you're looking to really deepen your skills, explore the Programming priority hub.

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Even if you think you know everything, a quick refresh won't hurt.

20-Week Semester Calendar

A strong calendar is one of your strongest recruitment assets. Use this example to plan your chapter's semester and plan for success. Pro Tip: Once your dates are set, blast them to your community to build excitement.

Fall Semester Calendar PlannerSpring Semester Calender Planner

AZA and BBG Programming Folds

In 1928, Boris D. Bogen introduced the Five Folds to AZA. The Folds encourage members to offer well-rounded programs that incorporate many of AZA and BBG's values. High-quality programming is a part of what makes BBYO special. 

The Six Folds of the B’nai B’rith Girls are Jewish Heritage, Community Service, Social Action, Recreation, Creativity, and Sisterhood.

The Five Folds of the Aleph Zadik Aleph are Athletic, Community Service/ Social Action, Education, Judaic, and Social.

Learn more about how to utilize these folds in your programming.


Building Great Programs

Great programs don't plan themselves. This resource walks you through all the steps on your way to a wow programs.


Calendaring Reference Guide

Be sure to align your community calendar's with what's happening in and out of BBYO. Here are some helpful reminders of dates to mark down.


Chairpeople and Committees

Chairs and committees are excellent ways to spread leadership roles in your community. Learn about the different kinds of opportunities you can create for members.


Initiatives des chapitres

Chapter Initiatives are high quality, plug and play programs that are fun, educational, and help make a difference in the world. Learn more about how to bring these experiences to your chapter.


Chapter Showcase Programs

Each year at International Convention, chapters present their best programs in the Chapter Showcase. Be inspired by the best of the past few years to bring home.


Essential Questions of Programming

High quality programming is a part of what makes BBYO special, but it can be difficult to write better programs without knowing what to look for. Using this guide, to elevate the experience for your members.


Fall Fest One-Pager

Learn everything you need to know about our Fall Fest Movement Initiative.

ExploreFestival d'automne

Founders' Day One-Pager

Learn everything you need to know about our Founders' Day Movement Initiative.


Global Shabbat One-Pager

Learn everything you need to know about our Global Shabbat Movement Initiative.

ExploreGlobal Shabbat

Movement Initiatives Cheat Sheet

Understand why we run Movement Initiatives and how it ties to our year round MRIHA strategy.


Reflection Toolkit

Learn the different ways to facilitate reflections during your programs and meetings.


Sample Programming Training from August Execs 2018

Master how to elevate and deepen our programmatic experiences and then teach it to your members.


Sample Separates from August Execs 2018

Take inspiration or run the AZA/BBG separates programs from August Executives Conference.


SMART Goal Setting Template

We set goals all the time in AZA and BBG—about membership, programming, fundraising, and more. If you're setting goals, be sure they're SMART ones.


The Five W's of Programming

Use the Five W's of Programming anytime you begin planning. Talk through these questions—who, what, when, where, why (and a bonus, how)—with your programming team before filling out your Program Planning Form.


WOW Event Planning Guide

Large scale community-wide engagement events offer an ideal entry point into BBYO, and the MRIHA funnel, by providing a unique and highly engaging social experience open to any and all Jewish teens. Learn the ins and outs of how to turn a WOW event from a dream to a reality.


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